This Way!
This Way!

Nicholas '26 practices creative problem solving in all of his subjects, igniting his confidence to tackle challenges head on.

Student-Centered Environment

Our students are writers, readers, mathematicians, scientists and world explorers everyday.

The personalities and interests of our students are deeply connected to the learning process. Our curriculum is guided by the opportunity to meet each child where they are, and often, linking problem areas to personal interests helps to spark a love for subjects that challenge.

Students like Nicholas are inspired to express creativity within their studies in their own unique ways. “If a student takes a particular interest in an aspect of class, we work together to do more research, finding similar artists and testing out their methods,” says Sarah Garner, Lower School Visual Arts Teacher. “We dig a little deeper to find things that the students can connect with, and use that as a way to give them the confidence to work through problems at an early age.”