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Middle School Experience & Curriculum

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Middle school curriculum

A transition that prepares you for what’s next, while embracing what’s now.

Middle School programs offer a rich skills-based curriculum, encouraging a wide breadth of academic and extracurricular experiences that lead to the discovery of new talents and interests.

Core Subjects

Language Arts/English

communicating with confidence

Evidence-based creative writing, paired with explorations in literature, poetry, vocabulary, and grammar, are communicated through writing, oral presentations and discussion groups.


illuminating forces

Analysis and experimentation with various topics in the traditional scientific method and beyond, including robotics, computer programming, genetics and engineering design.


experiments with reasoning

Students take a deep dive into an integrated math program that emphasizes problem-solving through number theory, algebra, geometry and more, stressing real-world connections through math and promoting conceptual understanding.

Social Studies/History

citizens in training

Students discuss their place in the world around them through the study of world civilizations, empires, American history and American government and law.

World Languages

5th and 6th grade students continue or begin Spanish lessons, while 7th and 8th grade students expand their options with the addition of Mandarin Chinese, French and Latin.

Fine and Performing Arts

Instrumental music, vocal music, drama and visual arts take students to the next level of practice, performance and expression.

Physical Education

In addition to traditional sports, units include athletic development, circuit training, nutrition, strength and energy systems training, swimming, yoga and more.

For a Life of Discovery

A transition into higher learning

one-to-one tablet pc program

5th-8th grade students receive their own tablet laptop for school and home use.

accelerated learning opportunities

Students who desire a deeper challenge can take advantage of accelerated options in math and world languages.


Open Art Studio • Chess Club • Girls on the Run • Green Team • Jazz Band • Knitting and Crochet Club • Latin Club • Lego Robotics Team • Playback Theater • 7th/8th Grade Play • Student Council • STEM Scouts • String Ensemble • Truman Book Club • Math Team

More Stats and Facts

The thoughtful integration of technology deepens student engagement and inspires a sophisticated level of critical thinking and analysis.

Grades 5-8

are considered part of the Middle School at MICDS

Gender-Based Classes

We have tailored our Middle School academic program to reflect best practices in teaching and to meet our students’ learning needs through single-gender core classes and coed classes in arts and world languages.


student-teacher ratio in the Middle School


Dedicated Middle School facilities include seven science labs, a digital world language lab, a theater, two art studios, music rooms, a gym, dining hall, library, access to our STEM facility, outdoor learning garden, the McDonnell Athletic Center, athletic fields and Olympic-sized pool.


Middle School sports offered

“The transition was made easy thanks to the committed staff who gave each child individual attention.”

—Jill hunt ‘86 MICDS Parent to Connor ’22, Shannon ‘22 and Lauren ’19
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