This Way!
This Way!

Mrs. Moore, science teacher at MICDS since 2011, demonstrates wind resistance during an experiment with the 3rd grade class.

Strong Mentorship

“Teachers instill in you a sense of curiosity, and then they give you the means to answer the questions that you’re asking.”

“I walked away from MICDS with a true love for the teachers. Their willingness to go above and beyond for their students, the sense of collaboration, and the feeling that I was heard and paid attention to made a huge impact on who I have become today.

They have an innate ability to know what you need and when you need it. I never felt unprepared for the next year, for the next class, for the next test. They did everything they could to get you up to the high expectations that MICDS has for you. From day one, I felt like this was where I needed to be.”

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Lindsey Herzog '07

Attended MICDS from JK-12
Group Manager, Weber Shandwick